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One Drop Only Mouthwash Concentrate

50ml,  $18.50

Country of Origin:  Germany

Natural and preservative-free!

One Drop Only Mouthwash Concentrate is formulated with anti-bacterial and soothing ingredients like peppermint, clove, thyme, sage and tea tree oils for use in daily oral hygiene.  It helps prevent bacterial plaque, protects effectively against gingivitis and bleeding gums, supports the natural flora of the mouth, and freshens the breath.

  • Its antibacterial action is provided by the essentail oils and Benzoin in alcohol
  • It stimulates the natural functions of the oral muccous membranes
  • Helps cool and ensures fresh breath
  • A balanced pH helps neutralize the acids that attack tooth enamel 

For optimal use of the concentrate, add a few drops to a half-filled glass of water, and thoroughly brush the mouth with a toothbrush continuously dipped in this solution. This One Drop Mouthwash and water solution is effective even where the toothbrush cannot reach.

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